Wine Enthusiast Magazine chooses Osocalis XO among the Top 50 Spirits of 2011:
"93 Osocalis XO (USA; Osocalis Inc., Socquel, CA). From a small family-run distillery, this blend of 'older' California brandies has a vibrant golden-orange color and a sweet apples-and-honey note. On the palate, creamy citrus flavors finish big and rich, with caramel, ginger and cinnamon notes, and a soft texture. Pair with a fruit dessert, like apple pie with vanilla ice cream. Come to think of it, this brandy would be dynamite simply poured over ice cream, too."

K&L Wines:
"Brand new from the local legend of Osocalis (based in the Santa Cruz Mountains)! Their hugely anticipated XO brandy lives up to the hype in every way. Delicate and gentle on the entry, the palate moves through nutty flavors, caramel, and fruit, before really hitting its stride on the back. The finish is incredible as all the forementioned flavors really culminate in glorious harmony before sliding down your throat. The finish goes on forever and you really wonder to yourself if you are going to be able to nurse this bottle slowly. Our highest recommendation." - David Driscoll, K&L Spirits Buyer

Spirit Journal:
F. Paul Pacult of Spirit Journal awarded all of our grape brandies their top scores (December 2010):
Rare Alambic "**** /Highly Recommended"
XO "**** /Highly Recommended"
Heritage "**** /Highly Recommended"
Apple "*** /Recommended"

Good Spirits News:
Blair Frodelius, Cocktail Expert, enjoyed our brandies in his September 2011 report:
Rare Alambic "The taste is an ascending staircase of flavors which reveal themselves quickly, moving from round and open grape brandy, to notes of anise, pine forest, saffron, white pepper, dried orange peel, mint and sandalwood. Amazingly complex and as good an American brandy as I've had the pleasure to partake. Quite the marvel. GSN Rating A"
XO "An excellent brandy and a standout among American distillers. GSN Rating A-"
Apple "Bring this out on a cool Autumn evening to celebrate the changing of the seasons. GSN Rating: B+"




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